Research on Cloud Service Provider Recommendation Model based on User Preference


Tanya Streer,Concordia University, Canada
Jugal Simelane,Concordia University, Canada


Based on the rise and wide application of cloud services, this paper proposes and implements a cloud service provider recommendation model based on user needs and preferences. The model consists of three parts. First, based on the needs of users, determine the subjective dimensions of users' demand for cloud services, and realize the measurement of user preferences. Secondly, according to the service capability of the cloud service provider, the ability of the cloud service provider to meet the needs of users is measured. From the perspective of cloud service providers, after determining the indicators that can reflect the service capabilities of cloud service providers, innovatively establish a bridge between service capabilities and user needs. Realize the evaluation of cloud service providers from the perspective of demand realization, that is, to measure their demand satisfaction ability. Finally, according to the recommendation rules in this article, the similarity distance between the user and the candidate cloud service provider based on requirements is compared, and the cloud service provider that matches the user's corresponding needs and preferences is recommended to the user, and personalized decision-making recommendation for the cloud service provider is realized. The recommendation system proposed and implemented in this paper is no longer limited to the evaluation of cloud service providers, but in the recommendation process, it combines the needs and preferences of cloud service users and specific cloud service field characteristics and other information and combines fuzzy evaluation methods. And similar distance and other theories, to give users more satisfactory recommendations, and make personalized recommendations for users.



Cloud service, Demand preference, Personalized recommendation


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  • Volume 7, No. 1, 2019
  • ISSN(p):2288-8969
  • ISSN(e):2207-516X
  • Published:May. 2019