Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Smart Business and Technology (IJSBT) is an open access, semi-annually published international journal that covers a wide range of topics related to the design, development, use, management, evaluation, and impacts of innovative technologies in terms of individual, organizational, and social issues in the business and social context.

The primary goal of the IJSBT is to promote high-quality research in the fields of (smart) business and technology that is both academic and practical. Academicians, scientists, engineers, business professionals, and research scholars from all over the world are invited to submit research articles to the journal. The journal will publish research papers on innovative and practical issues and topics of smart business and information technologies.

All papers will be thoroughly examined by members of the journal's editorial board. The articles must be original, previously unpublished research findings and results, and they must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere with dual interest. In terms of knowledge, ideas, and problem-solving strategies, the papers can be theoretically and/or empirically focused. They will also be peer-reviewed for publishing to verify originality, trends, relevance, and readability. The journal follows strong academic research ethics, and all submitted articles must meet the journal's requirements for review, editing, and formatting for publishing.

Topics Covered

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Bitcoin and its Application
  • Blockchain and its Application
  • Business Modeling and Business Process Management
  • Business Model Innovation Techniques
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Models and Web Service for E-business
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Corporate Finance and Governance
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Decision Making
  • Digital Convergence and IT Governance
  • Digital Currency Management System
  • Digital Currency Service
  • Digital Economy
  • Digital Payment and its Application
  • E-commerce
  • E-government
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Financial Markets
  • Financial Services Analytics
  • Fintech Related to Business, Technology, its Application
  • Fintech Security
  • Group Decision Support Systems
  • Human Resource Management
  • Intrapreneurship
  • International Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Knowledge Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Market Segmentation
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Risk Management in Business
  • Smart Business and Data Analytics
  • Social Marketing
  • Statistical Analytics
  • Strategic Management in Multi-business Firms
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Total Quality Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Virtual Organization

Journal Contents



  • Ashraf Darwish, Helwan University, Egypt

Editorial Board

  • Aboul Ella Hassanien, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Adrian Stoica, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
  • Alexey S. Kharlanov, Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
  • Amandeep Dhir, University of Agder, Norway
  • Andrea Tick, Obuda University, Hungary
  • Anupam Das Gupta, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • Bernd Engelmann, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Vietnam
  • Carlos Ramos, GECAD and ISEP, Portugal
  • Chuan Lin, Dalian University of Technology, China
  • Eaw Hooi Cheng, UCSI University, Malaysia
  • Emilie Boily, University of Quebec, Canada
  • Emmanuel Mogaji, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
  • Fran Casino, Rovira i Virgili University, Spain
  • Francesco Caputo, University of Salerno, Italy
  • Francesco Gabellone, IBAM ITLab, Italy
  • Francis Pol Lim, The Continents States University, Florida, USA
  • Francisco Javier de la Ballina, University of Oviedo, Spain
  • Florin Stoica, "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, Romania
  • Heyder G Wannes Alkarawy, University of Babylon, Iraq
  • Hideo Kuroda, FPT University, Vietnam
  • Igor Mandritsa, North-Caucasus Federal University, Russia
  • Ilia Gugenishvili, Abo Akademi University, Finland
  • James Chike Nwankwo, National Research Higher School of Economics, Nigeria
  • Javier Garcia-Villalba, Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain
  • Jemal Hussien Abawajy, Deakin University, Australia
  • Jieun Chang, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, USA
  • Jochen Biedermann, Frankfurt Main Finance e.V., Germany
  • Joseph NG Poh Soon, UCSI University, Malaysia
  • Kaleem Ahmed, University of Lahore, Chenab Campus, Gujrat, Pakistan
  • Kuitae Byun, CSG NX-OS and XR Admin at Cisco Systems Inc., USA
  • Linda Brennan, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia
  • Makoto Takemiya, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Martin Drahansky, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
  • Masood Hassan, IoBM, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Melissa Chan, Victoria University, Australia
  • Muhammad AsadUllah, Institute of Business Management, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Khurram Khan, King Saud University, KSA
  • Nick Hadjinicolaou, Torrens University Australia, Australia
  • Nilesh Ugemuge, Anand Niketan College, Warora, India
  • Nitin Shelke, Thapar University, India
  • Palacios Rodríguez Antonio, University of Seville, Spain
  • Patrick van Esch, Kennesaw State University, Georgia
  • Paulo Tromboni Nascimento, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Paul Oh, Cisco, USA
  • Paul Strickland, La Trobe University, Australia
  • Peter Kostal, Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia
  • Pham Quang Huy, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Prachi Ugemuge, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research, Maharashtra, India
  • Sanghoon Jeon, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea
  • Sabah Mohammed, Lakehead University, Canada
  • Saeed Siyal, Beijing Universtiy of Chemical Technology, China
  • Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay, University of Calcutta, India
  • Sankar Kumar Pal, Indian Statistical Institute, India
  • Saurabh Kewlani, Hannover Re, Germany
  • Sooyong Park, Sogang University, Korea
  • Tadashi Dohi, Hiroshima University, Japan
  • Vanessa Prajova, Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia
  • Xi Chen, Business School of Shandong Jianzhu University, China
  • Yupal Shukla, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Zarqa Shaheen Ali, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Zhaxat Kenzhin, Zhangir Khan University, Kazakhstan

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Phone: +61 3 9028 5994

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