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International Journal of Smart Business and Technology

Volume 6, No. 1, 2018, pp 47-54


Analysis of usage motives and usage attitudes of QR codes as advertising and promotional means: Focus on the lifestyle of smartphone users

    Kang, Seohee1, Choi, Hwayeol2
    1Ph.D cous of Kumoh National Institute of Technology
    2Dept. Airline Service Managment School Korrea of Business, Jeju International Univ., J eju-si,Jeju-do,


    This study investigates how the QR code, which is emerging as a new means of advertising and promoting, affects the usage motives and attitudes according to the lifestyle of smartphone users. Based on previous studies, we classified the lifestyle of smartphone users into success-oriented, social-oriented, family-oriented, impulsive-purchase, prudent/careful-purchase types. These lifestyles have created motivation for using QR codes, and the attitudes of users can be determined accordingly. The conclusions drawn from these studies will suggest the theoretical direction of how QR codes are effective depending on the lifestyle of customers categorized by individuals or organizations who want to advertise and advertise through QR codes.


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