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International Journal of Private Cloud Computing Environment and Management

Volume 5, No. 1, 2018, pp 7-12


Enhancing Webpage Menu Interfaces to Increase Web Accessibility for People with Low Vision

    Yujeong Cho1, Geunseong Jung2, Jaehyuk Cha3
    Department of Computer Science, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
    1kitty9229@hanyang.ac.kr, 2aninteger@hanyang.ac.kr, 3chajh@hanyang.ac.kr


    Visually impaired people have limited access to websites consisting of visual contents. To address this problem, we propose conversion rules to provide an additional menu interface optimized specifically for users with low vision. Moreover, to identify the efficiency effects derived from the search in the proposed menu interface, a KLM-GOMS evaluation was conducted, and the results confirmed that performance time was halved compared with the time taken using the existing menu interface.


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