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World Journal of Accounting, Finance and Engineering

Volume 1, No. 1, 2017, pp 53-64


Organizational conformity as an entrepreneurial response to the changes in internationalization process: A study of IT-oriented firms in Saveh

    Mojtaba Aminmoghadasi1* , Behzad Derakhshandeh2 , Mohammad Ferdosi3 and Vahid Jafari Sadeghi4
    1Faculty of Management, Islamic Azad University of Saveh, Iran
    2,3Naser Khosro Institute of Higher Education of Saveh, Iran
    4Department of Management, University of Turin, Italy


    The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of organizational entrepreneurship on organizational adaptation in response to change in the internationalization process. The statistical population of this research is Information Technology Organization of Saveh in 2017, among which 230 people were selected. In this study, the simple random sampling method is used to select individuals. The findings show that cultural policies indicate that international businesses still face difficulties in providing expertise to operate in international markets. The most important factor that an international entrepreneur has pointed to in developing their activities in this dimension is the development of international business networks such as industrial clusters. International entrepreneurs have introduced the impact on customs rules for the creation and running of international businesses as the most important factor of this section. International entrepreneurs in this dimension have given the highest score of the development of export-oriented infrastructures, such as communication technology.


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