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International Journal of Smart Home

Volume 11, No. 7, 2017, pp 9-16


Energy Management, Automation & Control in Smart Home

    Mandeep Guleria, Dhirendra Kumar, Umang Panchpal, Rahul Dev, Himanshu Mamgain
    Department of Electrical Engineering, THDC Institute of Hydropower Engineering & Technology, Tehri, Uttarakhand, India


    A working model which incorporates sensors and a micro-controller board is used for analysing the inputs & monitoring the system output. The aim of home automation is to enhance the residentease & enjoyment, energy saving operation of household building systems, depletion in energy usages, operating& maintaining costs, and raising the life cycle of utilities.“Home Automation”in this project referred an “Intelligent Home”, that demonstrates automation of everyday jobs with electrical devices used in buildings, factories etc. In recent era of home automation, advanced technological system that allow automating domestic appliances or task are growing rapidly.Various technologies and applications can be installed in smart home. They provide communication between user and home appliances to avail automation and remote control monitoring. There is active area of research on smart homes. In this project we are enabling user to control light, fan, Air Conditioner, TV and other home appliances in both ways of automated sensing output and controlled given output. The home automation and control also enable us to manage energy consumption. Thegrowing idea of smart homes gives a pleasant, suitable and securehabitat for human beings. The improvement in human life standard makes people trying to delegate many of their needs to a home automation system. Therefore such systems is built with capability of predicting what the users intend to do in smart home system.


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