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Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Reliable Information and Assurance (IJRIA) aims to provide an attractive paper on the feasible approach for the information security in the large-scale collaboration environments. This journal places particular emphasis on understanding how to design and build the secure architecture from the targeted researchers, academicians, software engineers, and field experts. This journal presents Information Assurance which suggests the case studying, issue learned, and constructing a trust based on information system with particular attention to integrated and interdisciplinary aspects.
The IJRIA journal also welcomes a forum for high quality papers of both a theoretical and a practical aspect of cryptology, system security, network security, content protection, cryptographic engineering and mobile security.
Our goal is to expedite the publication process by providing authors with the first round review results within 3 months, which will facilitate dissemination of ideas in a timely manner. The journal also applies strict ethical standards of academic research, and all submitted articles should meet the requirements for review, editing, and formatting for publication as needed.

Topics Covered

The main topics include but will not be limited to: (Excellent surveying works, summary or introduction of new or fresh idea in these areas are welcome, too).

  • System Security: intrusion detection, secure end systems, secure operating systems, database security, security infrastructures, software security, evaluation
  • Network Security: Internet security, firewalls, mobile security, security agents, protocols, intrusion detection and prevention, social network security, anti-virus and anti-hacker measures
  • Content Protection: software protection, tamper resistant software; applications, electronic commerce, government, health, telecommunications, mobility
  • Cryptography: symmetric and public key algorithms, cryptanalysis, digital signature, cryptographic protocols, privacy, access control, authentication, identification, hash function, information hiding
  • Cryptographic Engineering: cryptographic engineering for pubic-key and secret-key algorithms. cryptographic algorithms for embedded systems
  • Mobile Security
  • e-Busienss Security
  • Privacy Protedction Technology
  • Privacy related Law, Ethics, and Regulation
  • Security related Law, Policy, Ethics, and Regulation
  • Security Modeling / Architecture


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