Investigation of Behavior Interactions


B. Taraka Sravani,1100-100 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KL University, Vaddeswaram, Guntur


Group behavior interactions, like multi robot cooperation and cluster communications in social networks, square measure wide seen in each natural, social, and artificial behavior related applications. Behavior interactions in an exceedingly cluster square measure usually related to variable coupling relationships, as an example, conjunction or disjunction. Such coupling relationships challenge existing behavior illustration strategies, as a result of they involve multiple behaviors from totally different actors, constraints on the interactions, and behavior evolution. Additionally, the standard of behavior interactions doesn’t seem to be checked through verification techniques. During this paper, we tend to propose associate degree ontology-based behavior modeling and checking system (Onto for short) to expressly represent and verify complicated behavior relationships, aggregations, and constraints. The Onto system provides each a visible behavior model associate degreed an abstract behavior tuple to capture activity parts, furthermore as building blocks. It formalizes numerous intra-coupled interactions (behaviors conducted by a similar actor) via transition systems (TSs), and inter-coupled behavior aggregations (behaviors conducted by totally different actors) from temporal, inferential, and party-based views. Onto B converts a behavior-oriented application into a TS and temporal logic formulas for any verification and refinement. We tend to demonstrate and appraise the effectiveness of the Onto B in modeling multi robot behaviors and their interactions within the Robocop football competition game. We show, that the Onto B system will effectively model complicated behavior interactions, verify and refine the modeling of complicated cluster behavior interactions in an exceedingly sound manner.



Evolution, Multi robot, Complicated, Robocup


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  • Volume 4, No. 2, 2017
  • ISSN(p):2205-8508
  • ISSN(e):2207-3965
  • Published:Jul. 2017