Clinical Oversea Internship Experience Among Nursing Students


Sun A Whang,Department of Nursing, Semyung University, Korea


In this paper provides an in-depth phenomenological description and identification of the short international internship experiences of Korean nursing students. Eight students were selected by means of theoretical sampling and the data were collected from personal, in-depth interviews. Twelve theme clusters and five categories were identified from five categories: 1) Reliable hospital system, 2) Environments where nurses can demonstrate competence as professionals, 3) Hospital where nurses love to work, 4) Motivation for learning, 5) The frog that came out of the well. These results show that short-term clinical oversea internship program of nursing students have provided to be an effective program that can provide motivation and broad perspective to competence as nursing profession. Therefore, it is necessary for many students to experience various internship programs for nursing students.



Nursing, Student, Oversea, Internship, Qualitative, Research, Experience


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  • Volume 3, No. 1, 2018
  • ISSN(p):2207-3981
  • ISSN(e):2207-3159
  • Published:May. 2018