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International Journal of Art and Culture Technology

Volume 1, No. 2, 2017, pp 1-6


Influencing Factors for Promoting Global Competency of University Students: A Focus on Group Contact and Integrated Conflict

    Seonghun Kim and Kyunghwa, Lee
    Soongsil University


    This study aims to analyze factors affecting global competency, based on the importance of activities to enhance global competency as a capability for university students to adapt to a global future convergence society. Accordingly, global capability was selected as an independent variable, intergroup contact with foreign students as a dependent variable, and integrated conflict as a mediator variable. Data was analyzed using multiple regression analysis. The results confirmed that group contact affects the global competency of university students, and that integrated conflict has a mediating effect. Therefore, it is necessary to consider these results in developing curricula for promoting global competency in universities.


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