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International Journal of Smart Business and Technology

Volume 7, No. 1, 2019, pp 17-22


A Study of Leisure Attitude, Leisure Facilitator, and Recreation Specialization for Simulation Golfer

    Byoungwook Ahn1, Dongkee Kim2, Sejong Lee3, and Suhwang Seol*4
    1Hanseo Univ., 2Joongbu Univ., 3Korea National Sport Univ., 4Yonsei Univ.
    1Bwahn75@hanseo.ac.kr, 2dkk@joongbu.ac.kr, 372000523@naver.com, 4seolsh4227@naver.com


    The aim of this study was to determine relationships of leisure attitude, facilitator, and recreational specialization in stimulation-golf participants. A total of 475 persons who joined simulation-golf and lived in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi-do, Chungcheong-do, and Gyeongsang-do were selected as subjects of this study. For data processing, SPSS 18.0 and AMOS 18.0 programs were used for frequency and reliability determination, confirmatory analysis, correlation analysis, and structural equation modeling. First, leisure attitude of simulation golf participants had no influence on leisure facilitator. Second, leisure attitude of simulation golf participants had influence on recreation specialization. Third, leisure facilitator of simulation golf participants had a positive influence on recreation specialization.


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