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International Journal of Smart Business and Technology

Volume 6, No. 1, 2018, pp 39-46


The Effect on intention to recommendation and satisfaction of communication type of service provider: based on Food-Service Industry

    Kang, Seohee1, Choi, Hwayeol2
    1Ph.D cous of Kumoh National Institute of Technology
    Dept. Airline Service Managment School
    2Korea of Business, Jeju International Univ., J eju-si,Jeju-do,


    Production of service and undivided consumption stands out in Food-Service Industry. If there isn't communication between service providers and customers, because it is impossible to provide service. it is very important to communicate each other in Food-Service Industry. Existing researches pay more attention to service quality and satisfaction but this research has studied satisfaction of customer and willingness to recommend according to a type of service provider's communication.
    According to study result. if reliability and professionalism is much higher and control is much lower. It can be interpreted to have a positive effect for intention to recommendation. Also, if customer satisfaction is higher. it seems to increase intention to recommendation. It seems to have a negative effect for intention to recommendation by saying extreme expression and showing authoritative attitude during communication. Composition of communication style is derived from 4 cases such as reliability, professionalism, control and cooperation, but only reliability and professionalism has a beneficial effect on satisfaction of customer.
    It can be said that it is a limitation of research which didn't analyze effect on demographic variable.


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