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International Journal of Smart Business and Technology

Volume 6, No. 1, 2018, pp 13-18


The Effects of Customer’s Value Perception on User Characteristics and Discontinuance Intention Using Mobile Commerce

    Beet-Na Choi1, Jong-Baek Kim2 and Hoe-Chang Yang3
    1Department of Distribution Management, Jangan University
    2Department of Distribution Management, Jangan University
    3Department of Distribution Management, Jangan University


    This study aimed to provide some cues for businesses engaged in mobile commerce to implement diversified marketing strategies. Total of 365 valid copies of questionnaire were obtained for analysis. It was found that the utilitarian value had positive effects on social intelligence, price sensitivity, consumer innovativeness and familiarity but not on the impulse purchase. Above all, the utilitarian value exerted the greatest effects on the familiarity. It was suggested that mobile commerce companies should make every effort to provide sufficient information that helps consumers to use products or services and allow them to share the reviews about products or services of interest, which will lead to positive word of mouth.


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