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International Journal of Reliable Information and Assurance

Volume 4 No. 2, 2016, pp 1-6


Study on New Differential Privacy Scheme Considering Security and Effectiveness

    Cheoljung Kim1, Kwangsoo Yeo2 and Soonseok Kim3
    1,2,326404 Dept. Computer Engineering, Halla Univ., Halladaegil 28, Wonjusi, Kwangwondo, Korea


    Despite advantages of medical information for the development of the medical field, there are many limitations in secondary use due to its inclusion of the private information of patients and medical staff. To solve this problem, many methods have been proposed, such as k-anonymity, l-diversity, and differential privacy. However, since maintaining privacy and applying medical information are two opposing aims, the existing methods cannot protect privacy completely. This study examines the problem of differential privacy using Laplace noise. Finally, we propose the new method using secret sharing and map reduce using cache for solving the problem and improving performance of process of receiving the response.


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