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International Journal of Private Cloud Computing Environment and Management

Volume 5, No. 2, 2018, pp 1-6


A Consortium Blockchain-based Certificate and Verification Framework for Apostille e-Register Service

    Eunjin Yoo1, Geunseong Jung2, Jaehyuk Cha3
    Department of Electrical/Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Ulsan, 93, Daehak-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan 44610, Republic of Korea
    Department of Computer Science, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
    1yooidol@hanyang.ac.kr, 2aninteger@hanyang.ac.kr, 3chajh@hanyang.ac.kr


    The Apostille Convention is an agreement to simplify the procedure of certification of official documents between countries. The electronic apostille program (e-APP) was launched for dealing with digital documents. Due to legislative and system differences in electronic documents, few States support e-APP. In this paper, we model the information required for a certificate verification system independent of format (paper / electronic) of Apostille certificate and official document, and design the structure of data sharing and verification system for global e-Register service. The e-Register service proposed in this paper is based on a consortium block chain to prevent monopolizing the data, and to ensure the availability to all stakeholders.


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