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International Journal of Cloud-Computing and Super-Computing

Volume 4, No. 1, 2017, pp 15-20


Cloud Storage Systems In Service Diversity

    N. Vaishnava Dhaatri
    KL University, Vaddeswaram, Guntur


    With the increasing utilization and recognition of the cloud infrastructure, a lot of and a lot of knowledge ar affected to the cloud storage systems. This makes the supply of cloud storage services critically vital, notably given the actual fact that outages of cloud storage services have so happened from time to time. Thus, only looking on one cloud storage supplier for storage services will risk violating the service-level agreement (SLA) thanks to the weakening of service handiness. This has diode to the notion of Cloud-of-Clouds, wherever knowledge redundancy is introduced to distribute knowledge among multiple freelance cloud storage suppliers, to handle the matter. The key within the effectiveness of the Cloud-of-Clouds approaches lies in however the info redundancy is incorporated and distributed among the clouds. However, the present Cloud-of-Clouds approaches utilize either replication or erasure codes to redundantly distribute knowledge across multiple clouds, therefore acquisition either high house or high performance overheads. During this paper, we tend to propose a hybrid redundant knowledge distribution approach, known as HyRD, to boost the cloud storage handiness in Cloud-of-Clouds by exploiting the work characteristics and therefore the diversity of cloud suppliers. In HyRD, massive files ar distributed in multiple efficient cloud storage suppliers with erasure-coded knowledge redundancy whereas tiny files and classification system data ar replicated on multiple superior cloud storage suppliers. The experiments conducted on our light-weight example implementation of HyRD show that HyRD improves the value potency by thirty three.4% and 20.4%, and reduces the access latency by fifty eight.7% and 34.8% than the DuraCloud and RACS schemes, severally.


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