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International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology

Volume 11, No. 1, 2019, pp 1-10


Research status and Development trend of Plant Electrical signals at Home and abroad

    Peipei Zhu1,Fangming Tian2, Huan Li3,Feng Tan 4
    1234College of Electricity and Information,Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural university,Daqing 163319,Heilongjian,China
    134fightingzpp@163.com, 2byndtfm@163.com


    The present situation and future development trend of plant electrical signal at home and abroad are reviewed in this paper. The measurement technology, production mechanism and characteristics of the plant electrical signal and the change characteristics of the plant electricity under the external stimulation are briefly summarized. The basic characteristics of the plant electrical signal are: low frequency (<5 Hz), weak (?V), random non-stationary time-varying signal. breaking the password between the electric signal and the physiological state of the plant, which can lay a theoretical foundation for preventing and controlling the disease and the insect pest of the plant according to the electric signal of the plant, and can be used for producing the plant electrical signal in the near future, Life and related scientific research services provide some help.


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